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  Alimak-Hek product portfolio comprises construction hoists, industrial lifts, mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms and material hoists.

Alimak-Hek offers safe and efficient vertical access solutions to customers in the construction and other industries.

Alimak-Hek's product lines, Alimak, Heis-Tek, Champion, and Hek, are the world's leading names in construction hoists, industrial elevators, mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms and material hoists for both temporary and permanent installations.

Alimak Hek operates two Development and Manufacturing Centers placed in Sweden and in China with the Swedish Center being the global competence center for more complex vertical access solutions.

Alimak Hek Group AB, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is the headquarter for the world-wide Alimak Hek Group.

Alimak Hek is owned by Triton.

Triton is an independent European private equity investor focusing on investing in companies with leading market positions in attractive industry niches headquartered in the Nordic or German speaking countries. In addition to the investment in the Alimak Hek Group, Triton investments include global industrial and service companies, as well as companies offering services and products related to the construction industry.

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